Background: IJVER

At least 4 GW at approximately 80 km from the shore of IJmuiden

IJmuiden Ver (IJVER) is one of the designated wind farm areas under the Dutch offshore wind road map 2030. With a capacity of at least 4 GW and a distance to shore of approximately 80 km, it is currently the largest foreseen Dutch wind farm zone, and the furthest from shore. The area also includes legacy oil & gas asset, including several gas pipelines that can be retrofitted to transport other gasses such as hydrogen or for CCS-purposes

The Dutch offshore wind road map 2030

In the offshore wind roadmap 2030, the Dutch government has set the goal to achieve an additional 4 megaton CO2 reduction by 2030 via offshore wind. This translates into a cumulative offshore wind capacity target of 11.5 gigawatt (GW) by 2030. Taking into account current installed capacity (~1GW) and the 3.5 GW anticipated to come online by 2023, an additional 7 GW of capacity is required. The additional capacity will be allocated on the basis on the following principles:

  • Continued deployment of offshore wind at already appointed wind farm areas further out at sea
  • Coordination from the Dutch state with regard to spatial planning decisions and preliminary investigations
  • TenneT, the Dutch transmission system operator, is responsible for the connection of the wind farms to shore
  • Continued cost reduction efforts and stimulation of innovation and competition
  • Seize earning opportunities and increase employment opportunities
  • Embrace multifunctional use of the North Sea, as long as it further reduces the costs of offshore wind or limits the costs of the energy transition
  • Prepare for largescale international wind farms and interconnections at sea

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Map and Connections IJmuiden Ver

Overview of IJVER South ("Zuid"), Center ("Midden") and North ("Noord") - Source: Royal HaskoningDHV

IJVER wind farm zone

  • ~80 km from the shore of IJmuiden
  • First Dutch wind farm to be connected with a DC connection
  • At least 4 GW of offshore wind capacity
  • IJVER South: lot I and II (1 GW each) will be tendered in Q4 2023 and become operational in 2027/2028
  • IJVER Center: lot III and IV (1 GW each) will be tendered in Q4 2025 and become operational in 2029/2030
  • Further expansion of the wind farm zone likely in the IJVER North area post 2030