An iconic artificial island in the North Sea
Designed to support the energy transition
Unlocking the potential of the North Sea

Innovation, sustainability and knowledge sharing

Offshore Service Facilities (OSF) started a private initiative developing an iconic artificial island in the North Sea, in the wind farm area IJmuiden Ver (IJVER). The island will provide a location for electrical infrastructure required to export electricity generated by the IJVER wind farms to shore, and provide a location for a range of other renewable energy activities, thereby facilitating the energy transition and demonstrating technological excellence

Background: IJVER

At least 4 GW at ~80 km from the shore of IJmuiden

Click here for more background information on the Dutch offshore wind road map 2030, the wind farm area IJVER, the artificial island concept and how the OSF initiative fits in


A multipurpose island designed to seize economic opportunities and enhance nature

A multi-purpose island provides additional benefits over a jacket-based solution as a location for electrical infrastructure. It stimulates the energy transition, further drives down costs and creates room for nature inclusive island design & additional economic opportunities


Co-developing an island for the future

Developing a cutting-edge and innovative island involves a wide range of stakeholders, from governments to NGOs. OSF recognizes their roles and is working closely with all actors involved


Never a dull day at sea

News and updates relating to OSF, artificial islands, IJVER, hydrogen, interconnection, ecology, etc.


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